Female sales representatives for Quest Diagnostics have filed a gender discrimination suit against the company claiming systematic discrimination including the following:

     1)  fostered an environment hostile to the advancement of female employees and followed compensation

     2)  followed compensation, evaluation and promotion practices that had a disparate impact on women, pregnant     employees and employees with family responsibilities

One plaintiff, Erin Berry of Indiana, a 15 year employee, applied for a sales director position in the mid-west and was passed over for a male with only 3 years experience.

Further details about the suit can be found in the Newark Star-Ledger, Federal Lawsuit Alleges Gender Discrimination at Quest Diagnostics, and in the New York Times, Gender Bias Suit Filed Against Quest Diagnostics.

The lawsuit against Quest Diagnostics, which appears to be a "glass ceiling" type of case, appears similar to one filed in 2011 against Bayer Pharmaceuticals see Gender Discrimination Class Action Suit Against Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Some earlier postings by Robert Abell also discuss glass ceiling discrimination: Sex Discrimination and the Glass Ceiling and Sex Discrimination - Proof of the Glass Ceiling - Conti v. American Axle.
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