Posted on Nov 04, 2011
Will workers comp cover you if you're injured on the job?  The Las Vegas Review Journal examines some holes in workers compensation coverage: Workers Comp Problems.

Most Kentucky work injuries do not result in some major problem with coverage under workers compensation insurance.  Even better most do not include any injury severe enough to raise a problem.  But sometimes problems arise or the injury is severe and lasting enough for a claim.

Here's some more answers to questions about Kentucky workers compensation:

What do I do if I'm hurt on the job in Kentucky?

How long do I have to report a workers compensation injury in Kentucky?

Can I choose my own doctor to treat my work injury under Kentucky workers compensation law?

What are temporary total disability (TTD) benefits under Kentucky workers compensation? 

How many days of work do I have to miss before I can get Kentucky workers compensation temporary total disability (TTD) benefits?

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