Most employees in Kentucky (and everywhere else for that matter) are at will employees. That means that they don't have an employment contract for a specific period of time. For instance, UK basketball coach John Calipari has a 5 year (or whatever it is now) contract; that's an employment contract for a definite period of time.  Union employees that work under a collective bargaining agreement that limits the reasons or grounds for which they can be fired are not at will employees.  Teachers that have tenure are not at will employees. Public employees that have civil service protection are also not at will employees. Just about everybody else is an at will employee.

Being at will employee means you can be fired and there doesn't have to be a good reason, as long as some illegal criteria or motive is not part of it.  An employee's at will status is no license or excuse for employment discrimination, for instance. So at will employees are not without rights. Contact Robert Abell Law at 859-254-7076.